Risk Advisory

The availability of information over the Internet, a public push for greater organizational accountability and the 24-hour news cycle mean that it is easier than ever for an organization’s mistakes to end up making headlines. Interis | BDO can help you avoid that.

Through our Risk Advisory Services – Internal Audit, Evaluation, Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting, and Project Reviews – our consultants provide the critical insights you need to make informed, risk-based decisions about your investments, operations and strategy. Using proven methods and tools, we help you better understand the risks you face and your ability to manage their impact, allowing you to take on the appropriate amount of risk to capitalize on emerging opportunities without jeopardizing your organization’s existing assets and reputation.

We combine hands-on industry experience with a deep understanding of risk principles to ensure our clients have effective governance, are compliant with relevant legislation and have effective tools and systems in place to manage their risk proactively.

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